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If you like old-fashioned, vintage, retro, classic, eclectic, unusual, and slightly uncommon names, then this is the list for you

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Recent Posts. Baby Name Advice: Picking an Old-Fashioned Girls Name; Sophie B. Hawkins Baby Girl is Here Check Out Her Vintage Name! Baby Name Advice: A

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Here is a little quiz where I ask you to name things from period dramas or classic literature. This might be a bit tricky but hopefully won t be too hard


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Looking for an old-fashioned baby name for your girl or boy? These traditional baby names are classic examples

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These classic baby names went out of fashion, but now they re back as parents go vintage

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A catalog of feminine names found in Old Norse collated from several sources, with etymologies when possible

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The old-fashioned names from the Top 100 in the 1910s that sound fashion-forward today include: girls. ALICE BEATRICE CLARA EDITH ESTHER EVELYN FLORENCE HAZEL